Free to you to buy one hundred thousand dollars Which will you choose?

100,000 yuan to buy a watch, for now most of the ordinary people is still more challenging. That is now free to send you a hundred thousand dollars, can only be used to buy a watch, you will choose which watch? Many of my friends to consider the most or their ability to afford to buy the watch, watch home today, we recommend several hundred thousand dollars for the watch section, then if you free to send thousands of dollars, Which watch will you choose? Rolex Log Series 116233 Champagne plate with diamonds rolex replica uk Watches Series: Log Series Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: 18K gold - stainless steel Strap material: 18K gold - stainless steel Case diameter: 36 mm Domestic price: ¥ 97800 Watch Comments: This is what should enter the palace hall; this is something that should be paid tribute by the labor fans. No matter how many misunderstandings and prejudices in the past years, it is still the most classic, most beautiful, most Rolex Rolex. Dog teeth ring, setback ears, five baht band ... ... This is it and its past life to the world smile. Oyster case, fully automatic, the date of fast jump, the Observatory, he turned shy. Glashütte original PANO MATIC LUNAR moon phase watch series 1-90-02-42-32-05 watch Watch series: eccentric series Case Material: stainless steel Strap material: crocodile skin Case diameter: 40 mm Domestic price: ¥ 105000 Watch the most basic time display function in this swiss replica watches is from the eccentric position of the hour hand, minute hand and small seconds to achieve the common dial, this design both reduces the thickness of the dial, making the dial look slim and beautiful, but also Improve the energy utilization of this watch. In addition to its large calendar window date display, white flawless dial, double-digit black Arabic numerals are particularly conspicuous. Wanguo AUTOMATIC Automatic Watch Series IW500107 watch Watch series: Portugal series Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: stainless steel Strap material: crocodile skin Case diameter: 42.3 mm Domestic price: ¥ 98000 Watch Comments: This IW500107 was kind to become "Pu 7", which comes from it has seven days of power storage, and at three o'clock position set the power reserve display, nine o'clock position for small seconds dial. This watch is equipped with automatic winding movement of the nations 51011, although the price is high, but as a self-produced movement of the star style, if considered start is also very worthwhile. Summary: These watches are very classic rolex replica watches, one hundred thousand or less are completely won the watch models, if there are now one hundred thousand yuan of the budget which you would buy a few of which watch it? If there is no one hundred thousand dollars and you can only buy one hundred thousand watchs which one you will choose a?